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Serving Minnesota and Eastern Wisconsin. Based in Chatfield, MN

Excavation Services That You Can Trust

The first of the Bernard companies began in 1947 with Art and Evelyn Bernard at Chatfield Implement and Truck Sale and then Bernard Bus. Now on its third generation of ownership, it has expanded into two busing companies, an excavation company, and autobody/mechanic shop.  

Bernard Excavating is our newest company. Multiple projects include sand distribution, ground leveling, pond completion, and other renovation projects in our portfolio.

We have created multiple ponds. Each pond has a different depth and some even host a variety of wildlife including deer, fish, and more.

Pricing depends on acreage and depth.

Our crew has leveled out city lots and heavily wooded areas. We are equipped to handle anything. We have created food plots, gravel parking lots and leveled out woods.  

We have all sorts of equipment to load, haul and deliver sand, rock and gravel to your project site. Sand, rock and gravel are measured in yards.​

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